VELOCITY BAIT SPECIALIST'S is brought to you by Shane Alway and Miles Corbett, between them they have over 40 years of carp fishing experience from being on the bank fishing to being an owner of a fishery as well as a hatchery, so the knowledge of what levels of ingredients responders and attractors fish require to up your catch rates as well as getting the best conditions and healthy growth rates out of fresh water species is what VBS is all about.

The products we supply are not just about the attractors and responders required to catch fresh water fish as is the case with most competitors products, but the added conditioners required to give all species a better healthy growth rate, better balanced diet, and a healthier condition.

We also believe with our product it cuts back on pond water issues and concerns when heavier feeding is required through summer months. We feel are product quality is among the best on the current market for the anglers, fishery owners and fish farmers to use on a day to day basis. We are now after two years of research launching three of our twelve pellet ranges of products to the trade, with two other pellet products due to be released in the summer of 2011.

We strive to only offer top quality pellet products which will increase anglers catch rates within any type of fresh water fishing, we are also offering the fish a better balanced diet, a better state of conditions and higher growth rates long term which will be seen through proof of our own stock which are fed and caught on the pellet product we provide within the trade pack.

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